The Art Drive

The Artists

All studios are open on August 11 and 12, 2018 from 10am - 5pm. 

Please note some studios will only be open Saturday and Sunday, while others will be open all three days, including Friday, August 10.  Be sure to review the brochure and website for details.

Most studios are open by appointment, and all artists welcome your interest by email or phone.

  • Carol Bliven
  • Peggy Call-Conley
  • Beverly Carter CeramicsBeverly Carter
  • Sarah Daughn PaintingSarah Daughn
  • James Edwards
  • Peony LeavesDeb Ehrens
  • Wendy Goldsmith
  • Vidar Haaland
  • Sandra Hall
  • Sharon Hardin
  • Anne Holtermann
  • Elizabeth Howland
  • Michael Hubert
  • Marty Keating PaintingMarty Keating
  • Janice Kissinger
  • Ellen Langer
  • Colin McKenna
  • Barbara Purdy
  • Kirt Rebello
  • Jim Sears
  • Martha Sears
  • Racket Shreve
  • Heather Stivison
  • Susan Strauss PaintingSusan Strauss
  • Joney Swift PhotographyJoney Swift
  • Caroline Unruh
  • Michael Walden