The Art Drive



What happened to the fish?


Historically, the Art Drive artists created large, colorful depictions of popular species of fish. Beginning last year, artists changed direction for the 10th anniversary of the Drive.  Participants now aim to focus their time on creating an abundance of quality work in their studios. 

The mission of the Art Drive is to organize an open studio tour and promote artists in Southeastern Massachusetts, providing the public with unique opportunities to meet artists and explore a wide variety of art forms.  The Drive supports artists in the Dartmouth/Westport community and cultivates public awareness of the area as a center for art by offering intellectually stimulating and professional quality artwork.  By providing the opportunity for artists to exhibit and sell original works of art to the public, the arts community has developed a sense of shared support.  With an online directory and artist profiles, professionally designed and printed brochures with tour map, and targeted promotional materials, the Art Drive provides a one-of-a-kind experience for its artists and anyone who participates in the weekend tour.